General LINC Resources

Welcome to this blog created for instructors at Burnaby English Language Centre and New Westminster English Language Centre. This bank of resources and links supports the teaching of LINC 1-8 classes. On this page, you will find a list of resources that cover a range of levels and themes. (The other pages support specific levels and themes. Please check back often as this blog will be regularly updated.)


LINC 1-4 Classroom Activities: pdfs and audio files related to LINC Curriculum Themes

LINC 5-7 Classroom Activities: pdfs and audio files related to LINC Curriculum Themes

Tutela: a repository of LINC materials. You need to sign up for this free resource.

English in Vancouver : a blog that has links to all the LINC videos and offers cloze exercises and more

Janis’ ESL Homepage: has links to materials for LINC themes

ISS of BC YouTube channel : numerous videos that can be used with LINC students

English for Financial Literacy, Vol. 1-3

The Westcoast Reader: Print and online newspaper. See the tab for free online articles with links to related audio and video

Immigrate Manitoba: Module and lesson plans from Manitoba.

Breaking News English: Offers free lessons for a range of levels on various topics

English Language Listening Library Online (elllo): Offers free listening lessons; great for students to practice independently

engVid: offers free English video lessons on a range of topics by various instructors

British Council: website with a wealth of lesson plans and materials (including audio and video) for all levels. Some of the material will need to be adapted for a Canadian context. Also, you will need to register (for free) to have access to all the lesson materials.

BBC Learning English YouTube channel: has a great number of videos on various different topics.

BBC Learning English “How To”: Covers a range of language needed for various functions. Includes audio and transcripts.

The Joy of ESL: has materials for LINC settlement themes

The Listening Room: Audio resources by Bow Valley College

Extra English Practice: This YouTube channel has videos on a number of topics related to making conversation in English, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary

MonkeySee: where experts from all walks of life share their skills and knowledge on video. Provides free access to a wide range of how-to videos across multiple content categories.

ELSA 7 Curriculum Guidelines: Curriculum developed for ELSA 7